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Winter 2015-2016

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From Bucks County’s premier boutique vineyard
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Please Note: Gift Memberships include 4 shipments only. All other membership benefits apply until last quarterly shipment is sent, at which time the Gift membership will expire, unless it is renewed before the next shipment.

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Wine Club "Choice Option" Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Choice Option work?

The Choice Option allows members to select wines according to their preferences (12 bottles quarterly for 5-Star members or 6 bottles quarterly for 4-Star members).

The Choice Option is available only to members who pick up their wines at the Tasting Room.

How will I pay for my wines if I elect the Choice Option?

Each member's credit card will be charged a fixed amount quarterly ($200 for 5-Star members; $110 for 4-star members) at the beginning of March, June, September and December. An email will be sent to notify members of the charges and remind them to visit the winery to choose and pick up their wines.

If the total for the selections exceeds the initial quarterly charge, the difference will be paid by the member at the time of pick up. If the total is less, a store credit will be issued to the member's Wine Club account.

When and how can I use my store credit?

A store credit can be applied at any time toward the purchase of wine, merchandise, events or gift cards. It can also be used to add a few more bottles to the quarterly selection at the time of pick up. These extra bottles will qualify for the same Wine Club discount and will create an additional membership benefit.

For example, a 5-Star member could add 2 or 3 bottles to his quarterly Wine Club purchase and get the same 20% discount on the extra bottles. If he were to purchase these bottles individually at later point in time, no discount would apply. Of course, Wine Club members are always entitled to their special case discount.

Store credits can be "saved" for future purchases but cannot be used toward future Wine Club quarterly charges; They can, however, be applied if the total amount of any future Wine Club selection exceeds the quarterly charge.

Store credits cannot be refunded, even when a Wine Club membership is cancelled.

What if I prefer to use cash to pay for the selection?

To enroll in the Choice Option, a valid credit card and an email address are required.

Crossing Vineyards is happy to continue to offer The Four or Five Star Standard Memberships (seasonal selection, hand-picked by the Vintner) to members who wish to pay cash for their wines.

What if I want the standard seasonal selection one quarter, and the next time I want to choose my own wines?

Members who enroll in the "Choice Option" have total freedom. Once a member elects "choice," for example, he can pick up his wines and either opt for the Vintner's choice or make his own customized selection.

The member's credit card will have been charged in advance ($200 for 5-Star members or $110 for 4-Star members.) Any difference will be either paid at time of pick up or transferred the member's account as a store credit.

If for any reason the member is no longer able to pick up his wines, his membership will automatically convert from "Choice" to "Standard." His credit card charges will then vary according to the wines hand-picked by the Vintner in any given quarter.

Can I pre-select my wines so I can save time when I come to pick-up?

Absolutely! Once a member receives the quarterly credit card charge notice by email, he can either call in (215-493-6500, daily between 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm) or email his pre-selection at any time ( 12 bottles for 5-Star members; any 6 for 4-Star members.) He should allow 3 business days before pick up.

For the member's convenience, any amount above the initial charge will be processed through the credit card on file. If the amount is less, a store credit will be issued to the member's Wine Club account.

When the member calls in his pre-selection, he may order additional wines. The Wine Club discount will be applied to these purchases. Store credit may also be used for the add-on purchase.

The member can also choose to receive the same wines every quarter. For example, if he prefers a full case of Chardonnay or Cabernet, his credit card will be charged either the initial quarterly amount ($200 for 5-Star members or $110 for 4-Star members) or the total amount for his selection, whichever is greater. If the cost is less than the quarterly charge, the member will accumulate the same store credit amount each quarter until he contacts us to change his selection. Of course, he may order extra bottles of wine to use his store credits. These additional bottles will qualify for the regular Wine Club discount.

To download the Choice Option FAQs, click here.

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