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aerial view circa 1823

On December 29, 1823, an advertisement appeared in The Correspondent and Farmer’s Advertiser. A “ comfortable Dwelling-house” is offered for sale, as well as “a good stone Barn and Wagon-House, nearly new, with other out-buildings.” A notice of Sheriff’s Sale appeared in The Bucks County Intelligencer on December 21, 1842, in which “a large, two-story Stone House” on the property is mentioned.

the David Barton Taylor house

A History of the David Barton Taylor House


The house pictured on Crossing Vineyards and Winery’s label is known as The David Barton Taylor House.


David Barton Taylor was the son of Benjamin Taylor, who participated in George Washington’s historic crossing of the Delaware on Christmas night in 1776. The exact age of the David Barton Taylor House is not known. Upper Makefield tax records refer to “a log house and barn” on the tract in 1795.

The David Barton Taylor House

David Barton House in winter

Charles S. (“Casey”) Jones, a famous aviator, purchased the property in the 1930s. He claimed to have located an 1817 date stone in the walls, but this has never been verified. Jones was a close friend of Charles A. Lindbergh, who is said to have visited the home.


An excellent example of the Federal architectural style, The David Barton Taylor House was added to the Bucks Country Registry of Historic Places in 1983.

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