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Wine Club Information Page

Fall 2023 Newletter
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To Join the Wine Club

Current Wine List (pdf)


Calendar of Events (pdf)

Updates, News and Reminders

Making Your Quarterly Wine Club Selection


IMPORTANT: Please do not use our website online store to place your quarterly Wine Club selections: these are processed through a separate dedicated system.

* You will receive an email two weeks prior to the first Mondays in March, June, September and December. In this message you will be asked to make your quarterly wine selection.

* Click on the link provided in the email to access the Wine Club portal.

* Choose any 12 bottles.

* Check the information on your Wine Club account, including credit card on file, address, if you want your selection shipped, etc... Update if necessary.

* On the first Mondays (or the following day if holiday) in March, June, September and December, your credit card on file will be charged in the exact amount of your purchase.

* We ask you to visit Crossing’s Tasting Room within two weeks to pick up

your wine.

* If you haven’t made a choice by one week before the quarterly dates mentioned above, you will receive a reminder email. If you place your order at that time, your credit card will be charged in the exact amount of your purchase. If not, your credit card will be charged in the amount of $200 or $225 if your wines are being shipped.

* Soon after the charge is processed, we will contact you to help you make your quarterly selection.

* If your order exceeds $200, we will bill the additional amount to your credit card. If a credit is due, we will issue a refund.

* If you have additional questions, send an email to



Special Promotions and Discounts

When you visit Crossing Vineyards, be sure to identify yourself as a Wine Club member. A Tasting Room staff person will make sure you receive your Wine Club benefits and discounts.

Are you receiving our messages?

We will send Wine Club emails for these reasons:


* When it’s time to make your quarterly selection

* When the quarterly selection has been processed

* If your credit card has expired or is declined

* Invitations to Members Only events

* Wine Club Seasonal Newsletters

* Special Announcements

If not, please let us know.

Here are some of the possible reasons:


* Our messages may be going directly to your spam/bulk email folder. (Please flag all Crossing Vineyards’ messages as "not spam")
* You gave us a business email address. (Some companies’ servers have very tight email filters and block our messages.)

* You gave us a forwarding email address. (Our messages may be lost when they are forwarded)

* You changed your email address/account without notifying us.


Wine Club Membership Requirements

* Purchase a case of wine each calendar quarter (25% discount) and get the same 25% discount on any additional bottle regardless of quantity. In addition, you’ll enjoy many other benefits, including unlimited  complimentary tastings, members only events, free summer concert tickets …and much more!

* Quarterly selections are processed the first Monday  of March, June, September and December.



Picking Up Your Case

Early Pick-Up


* Your quarterly case can be picked up 3 weeks prior to the processing date. If you do so, your credit card will not be automatically charged in the first week of the quarter.
* Be sure to advise the Tasting Room staff that you are doing an Early Pick-Up of your upcoming quarterly Wine Club selection.

Quarterly Pick-Up


* You have up to 12 weeks (until the next processing date) to pick up your case and use your $200 credit. If a balance remains, it will be refunded to your credit card.


* Members who don’t pick up their cases within the current quarter must do so in the following quarter to continue to enjoy their Wine Club benefits.

If you have additional questions, contact Eric Cavatore directly by email
( or by phone (215-493-6500, ext. 8026)

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